We have a methodical treatment approach for clients suffering from CRPS and other Chronic Pain conditions.  The actual residential in-patient treatment is only part of the package which includes Psychological Assessment and treatment, post in-patient reviews and treatment where necessary, ongoing client support at home, advice and return to work packages. 

We know that the only route to enable clients with CRPS to fulfill their potential is to have a complete package that ensures the best standards of clinical practice tied in with an ongoing rehabilitation programme.

We don't believe in providing unnecessary treatment, and we would never put an injured person onto our CRPS programme if we didn't believe they were capable both mentally and physically of completing it.

We work extremely closely with NHS hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, and other private healthcare providers to make the treatment process as unobtrusive as possible.

We guarantee that the injured party will be assisted through every stage of the recovery process and regular treatment reports are provided to all concerned parties.

Cotswold Rehab has brought together a team of highly qualified Case Managers who have backgrounds as Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. We are also able to provide Medico-Legal Expert Witness reports and have rolled out a Triage Assessment for clients with Whiplash type symptoms.

From Physiotherapy to life time care, our bespoke direct treatment programme is designed to enable your client to access the nearest treatment centre to their home or work anywhere in the UK. 

Our primary concern is always the welfare of the injured client.  We have proven that the correct assessment and treatment will always lead to a reduction in the overall cost of the claim.

Aside from the chronic pain programme, we provide case Management and/or treatment for injured clients suffering from conditions such as Acquired Brain Injury, Neurological complaints, severe trauma injuries and even repatriation to the UK for clients injured anywhere in the world.